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This purifier is Not a small “mug size” purifier like other sells !


4 Layers filtration !

Our air purifier has 4 layers filter with HEPA technology, which removes up to 99.97% of bacteria, mold, fungus, volatile organic compounds (VOC), etc.
Primary filter is a first layer, it removes dust, mites, pollen.
Second layer is Activated Carbon filter – it helps in removing toxic chemicals such as smoke, haze, benzene, formaldehyde, VOC, etc.
Third layer is true HEPA filter to remove finest particles in the air such as viruses, mold, fungus.
Fourth layer is Photo catalytic filter and Negative Ionizer that kills remaining viruses, bacteria and release healthy Negative Ions in the air.
Good for babies, people with asthma, allergy and other conditions.


Negative Ions and Ozone to kill 99.9% of bacteria

ONLY FIRST 100 customers will get discounted price of ONLY SGD 129 !!! Retail price was SGD 299 !!!


Self Pick up in Science Park 2 ( 21 Science Park Road, #03-05 ) or delivery to you




Size: 185mm x 150mm

Weight: 1Kg

Power consumption: Less than 10W only.

Effective range: 1 bed room/office room

Negative Ions output: 16 million per cc

Very low noise, won’t disturb at night


More than 200+ positive reviews! The following is just some of them (Click here to view all):


“Delivery is really fast and they actually sms you for timing. I got my item the next day after ordering. I find the product is more useful for the negative ion and ozone producing capability. The air volume output seem small for effective air filtering, I am comparing this with my full size sharp air filter. It is best to put next to your workspace or bed. However for the price, the product is reasonable price.. – Customer from Singapore, Apr 2014


“We have an open concept kitchen and it didn’t come fitted with any extractor/hood. Recently, we did some serious cooking and the kitchen, dining and living area were smoked out (literally haze in the house). After the smoke dispersed, the smell lingered for days! It was really bad. The air purifier didn’t arrive earlier as I had hoped but by the time we needed to do another round of cooking, we put this little gadget to the test. Again, the whole place smoked out but we left the purifier on for a few hours, the smell disappeared! We were impressed! For this price, we are very very happy with its performance. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s relatively quiet.” – Customer from Singapore, Jul 2014


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