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This new model of Samsung Air Purifier will protect your family with the polluted air and haze. With this air purifier, you will no longer needs to breath in the unhealthy air and particles. Protect your family now with this new purifier!

Brand name Samsung, Air purifying
Model name AX40H5000GMD
Consumption watt 34W
Noise 45Db
Rated Voltage 220V, 60Hz
Size(W,H,D) 362*477*211mm
Weight 6.4kg
Diplay type LED
Color Pm gray
Available Area Ca 41.6m^2
Filter HEPA ( Deodorizing Filter)
Auto O
Manual O
Sleep Mode O
Detective sensor O
Lock Features O
Virus Doctor O
Wind Display O



Over 300+ positive reviews! The following is just some of them (Click here to view all):


Purifier arrived in less than one week. Item arrived in good condition. All the instructions in Korean in the instruction manual. However, you can download the English manual from Samsung Singapore website – manual is almost the same except the Singapore model does not have the On/Off virus control. The purifier is easy to use with sensor touch control. It is very well made and good in quality. It dust and vapor sensor works well and the fan is silent. Overall, a good value for money machine. – Kha, Singapore May 2014


“The purifier is working well and i believe it is quite efficient in eliminating odor especially – I had switched on my nebuilzing diffuser (for essential oil/ aromatherapy) to fill my room with scent and the purifier is able to detect well (even though it should not be considered odor, lol?). The light indicator changed to red (it was in blue all along before I switch on the nebuilzing diffuser) and the fan power/ speed boost up to clean up the air. After awhile, I don’t really smell any scent in my room. The purifier is much lighter than what I expected which is very convenient to carry/ move around. Received in around a week” – Sno, Singapore Jun 2014


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