What people Say

It is not difficult to have positive feedback from people who have used air purifiers and find their lives quality improved. The following are some testimonials I have gathered online:


“Bought at $99. A bit noisy when switch on medium fan during sleeping but it helps to improve my sinus (nose block) during sleeping on the 1st day. Value for money.” – Reviewed For SHARP  Plasmacluster Air purifier – FU-A28E / Haze Protection


“The air purifier is perfect. Finally we had a good night sleep without the allergy & sinus… Well packaged and works like a dream. Initially thought it would be bulky but turned out to be ok considering the area coverage. Surprisingly quiet and the fan speed is strong. No English user guide though but kinda figured out a bit here & there. The 2pin plug fits intobour regular wall socket though a bit tight (but tighter the safer?) my wife loves the fact that it is beautifully designed. But note that the inwards airflow is from.the rear panel unlike most that are from the side or front. So we had to leave sufficient gap at the back (can’t flush to the wall) to allow dusty air to enter the unit (to me it’s a plus as it is only logical to not create a back flow of cleanser into the purifier). Highly recommended.” Reviewed for SAMSUNG AX40H5000GMD Air Purifier / Haze Protection


“collection was speedy.. set up was a breeze, removal of a few tapes and taking the filter out of the plastic cover was all that’s required.. powering on and you’re on the way to using it.. It gets all bit loud on the max fan setting but doesn’t bother me too much while sleeping.. air seem fresher and my sinus cleared up quite a bit.. air blown out is similar to using a personal fan too.. so I guess my own fan can be shifted to another room.. overall another good buy during promo pricing..” – Reviewed For SHARP  Plasmacluster Air purifier – FU-A28E / Haze Protection


“This is by far the best purifier. It works really well in the house as took off most of the funky smell. The house have never smelled fresher. We get less sore throat after waking up in the morning with the purifier. Good buy! The delivery was slow but we did not worry much because seller used FedEx to deliver. It’s very reliable and it reached us in very, very good condition. The English manual looked like it was written by a robot. The explanation is not user friendly. Nevertheless, it has been a good buying experience. The seller is very responsible and replied to my emails promptly.The product is dynamite!” – Reviewed for Samsung AX020FCVANDD – 20㎡